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Etched pebble showing a person in a birdskin parka.

Etched pebble showing a person in a birdskin parka, c
a. AD 1500. Koniag, Inc. Collection, Karluk One. 

The Alutiiq Museum cares for more than 250,000 items reflecting the culture and history of the Alutiiq people. Our holdings include archaeological materials, photographs, ethnographic objects, archival items, film & audio recordings, and natural history specimens.  Our collections help to tell the Alutiiq story.  They reach beyond written records to reveal details from all eras of Alutiiq history–from ancient traditions to the daily lives of contemporary Alutiiq people. We use our collections to illustrate exhibits and education programs, provide information for research, and inspire the world to know more about the remarkable heritage of the Alutiiq people.