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Repatriation Assistance

Kodiak Alutiiq Sugpiaq Repatriation Commission

The Alutiiq Museum works with the Kodiak Alutiiq Sugpiaq Repatriation Commission to establish adn implement repatriation policy for the Kodiak region, compile information on Alutiiq materials in US museums, assist with repatriation claims, and support the return of repatriated items and ancestral remains.

Kodiak Alutiiq / Sugpiaq Repatriation Commisssion Manual


Make A Repatriation Claim

Like all American museums that receive federal grants, the Alutiiq Museum must notify Native communities of the human remains and repatriateable objects in its care.  Working with the National Park Service NAGPRA Program, we published our inventories of these materials in the federal register in 2007.  Alutiiq tribes wishing to claim any of these materials may contact the museum for assistance.  A sample claim letter appears below.

Sample Claim Letter

Federal Register Notices

The links below provide copies of our federal notices describing repatriatable Alutiiq Museum collections.  These notices are organized  by geographic region. If you have a question about a collection, a notice, or the repatriation process, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 844-425-8844, x17.

Chiniak Bay

Karluk Lagoon

Kodiak Island 1

Kodiak Island 2

Long Island


Rice Ridge