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Natural History Collections

The Alutiiq Museum maintains a small collection of geological specimens, plant and animal samples, and even fossils from the Alutiiq world and adjacent regions of Alaska.  We use these materials in exhibits and educational programs to illustrate the  environment in which Alutiiq people live.

Natural history collections are also useful for research.  For example, archaeologists can compare the stone used to make prehistoric tools with geological samples. This helps them to identify the likely sources of raw materials people used in the past.  Or archaeologists can use animal bones in our collections to identify the animal remains found in old garbage deposits.

Fern photo by Pricilla Russell - Kodiak Alutiiq Plantlore












Spreading Wood Fern, Ouzinkie, August 1990. Kodiak Area Native Association Collection, Alutiiq Museum, AM4:94. Photograph by Priscilla Russell.